The Artificial Fairy Series

By Steven J. Leary

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An Unexpected Voice

Book One
Fourteen-year-old Christy Thompson discovers a seemingly abandoned garden in the backyard. While taking selfies, her flash provokes the resident pixie population and a goblin mistakes her smartphone as a magical weapon. Can Christy survive an encounter with magical creatures, or will she be lost forever in the fairy world.

The Fairy App.

Book Two
Christy's Smartphone is the key that will enable an invasion into our world by the minions of a group known as the "Dark Masters". Can Christy and Phil figure out how to stop it before it is too late for us all?

The Fairy Network

Book Three
The Dark Masters have taken Christy for an unknown reason, and Phil and the magical creatures they have befriended will have to enter their forbidding lands to save her.

Character Sketches by Patti Bonham

Christy Sketch 01

Christy Sketch 02

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